I work in a variety of media, such as painting, video and sculpture. I like to use tactile materials like fabrics and a specific range of colors, to invite people to look with all their senses. The visual language I use, consists of elements that give suggestion of life and humanity.

I get inspired by human life, -thoughts and -habits. The way people give meaning to their lives, the way people try to get grip on abstracts subjects. I am intrigued by moments in life where people go beyond the limits of their rational thinking. By visiting a monastery, a mosque or observing small everyday rituals I search for circumstances, customs and ceremonies in different cultures, that cannot be completely understood.

When working and taking a look at my work, I like to address it as if there is more to see, to hear than what is actually to see on the image itself. As if a painting is a paused video that could move on in a minute, revealing the surrounding, the sounds and the smell that comes with it.

At the moment I am exploring alternative ways of creating narratives rather than a chronological one.